new docomomo site

Together with Unjoo Noh, I designed the new web site for the United States chapter of the International Working Party for the Documentation and Conservation of building sites and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement (DoCoMoMo). Take a look and, while you're there, find out more about this worthy organization of which I am a national board member.

IKEA: the world's biggest charity

The Economist recently ran a story on how the world's biggest charity runs IKEA:

What emerges is an outfit that ingeniously exploits the quirks of different jurisdictions to create a charity, dedicated to a somewhat banal cause, that is not only the world's richest foundation, but is at the moment also one of its least generous.

the science of driving directions

How do Mapquest and Google maps work and where did they come from? Nick Paumgarten investigates in this article on the science of driving directions in a recent issue of the New Yorker.

mapping the spread of wal-mart

Sprawlwatchers will be intrigued by the animated map that Thomas J. Holmes made of the spread of Wal-Mart throughout the country. Via Future Feeder and theboxtank.

The animation accompanies Holmes's paper on The Diffusion of Wal-Mart and the Economics of Density

High Desert Test Sites

I'll be at High Desert Test Sites all weekend, where AUDC is installing its model of One Wilshire.

orange county, china

What if Orange County went to China? Back in 2002, this blog provided a link to an LA Times article (now in the Times's pay-to-view archive) on the topic, but now that the community has a bigger and better website, it's time to revisit it. BoingBoing carries this story about how architecture can be exported. Who says architecture isn't media?

New Media Survey at the Economist

Last week's Economist magazine carries a Survey of New Media.

The online version has interviews with David Sifry, Chris Anderson, Jerry Michalski, Paul Saffo and Andreas Kluth.

Quartzsite in Cabinet

The spring issue of Cabinet Magazine is out, featuring a project that Robert Sumrell and I did on Quartzsite, Arizona at our two-man collaborative AUDC.

Howard Rheingold Lecture @ Netpublics

The countdown to the Networked Publics Media Festival and Conference continues. Along the way I've been busy putting our remaining lectures online. The first of these is Howard Rheingold's lecture on Technologies of Cooperation.

Power Mapping

Even as network culture displaces postmodernism, Jameson's aesthetic of cognitive mapping is flourishing. Critical spatial practice has gathered a huge collection of critical mapping projects and essays about mapping today. And if you haven't seen it, of course you should visit the essay that Marc Tuters (one of the coiners of the term 'locative media') and I wrote for the Networked Publics group, Beyond Locative Media.

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