Trump's Twin Towers

For once, Donald Trump is right. At a news conference, Trump proposed rebuilding the original Twin Towers instead of the schmalzy 1,776' tall Libeskind proposal. It's hard to disagree with his pithy assessment of the scheme: “It is the worst pile of crap architecture I have ever seen in my life.”


Telcotrash is a blog "on IP communications, incumbent wireline and wireless services and disruptive changes in the telco sector - and how the whole stuff is financed."

The Long Tail

Chris Anderson's The Long Tail site is a public diary on the way to his book on marketing's growing attention to ever smaller niches. The article in which he first described this new phenomenon in Network Culture is in Wired Magazine.

Green Buildings vs. the Data Center

Slashdot links to an interview with Richard Sawyer, director of data center technology for West Kingston, R.I.-based American Power Conversion Corp. (APC) about energy efficiency in the data center. With all the interest in so-called "Green Buildings," Sawyer points out that the data center has the highest power density in the building.

Los Angeles Real Estate Prices Revealed

How much did your neighbor really pay for their house? Were they late on their taxes? All this and more at the LA County Assessor's Office Property Assessment Information System. After you enter in an intersection it displays a map of all the property in the area for you to inspect.


How big are weblogs? How many are there? Go to to find out where they are and what's around

San Francisco the Ephemeral City

Joel Kotkin writes about San Francisco, the Ephemeral City. Is the successful city nothing more than Disneyland? See also Rebecca Solnit's Hollow City: Gentrification and the Eviction of Urban Culture for a more detailed, darker view.

The Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf's photographs of the Architecture of Density look at the incredible density and variety that emerge in a [audc:city] with nearly 6,700 people per square kilometer.

Return of the Blog

After a hiatus of two years, the weblog is back. The blog ran from June 2000 to August 2000 using Blogger and from September 2001 to September 2003 ran on Greymatter. The primary reason for the hiatus was exhaustion with keeping tabs on contemporary architectural events and the time commitment that the blog was requiring from me. Roughly once a year, I turn my attention to developing or revising a web site. In 1998, it was the first draft of In early 2000, I revamped, adding a blog. In fall 2001, I switched from Blogger to Greymatter as well as to a new layout. In 2003, it was time to redo the website for the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design with Pmachine as a Content Management System [CMS], and in 2004, I turned to implementing a Wiki at the AUDC web site. Since AUDC and the Forum both have Content Management Systems, at least to some degree, it's time to implement one at to make it both more easily updateable and more coherent in appearance. After a lot of work with Drupal, an Open Source Content Management System, I am largely convinced that it could fulfill this function. See the updated version of my article Hallucination in Seattle for an early example of what the new pages might look like. The layout still needs some tweaking. With a blog as part of the Drupal installation, it's hard to resist giving it a try and I have been noticing more and more interesting information having to do with Network Culture and have enough news of my own that I feel that it's worth bringing back the blog on an experimental basis.

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