site update

I seem to redesign this site around New Year's so it's a month overdue, but spurred by the new C-lab site, I decided it was time for an overhaul.

If, like most of my readership, you're reading this via RSS, then you're unlikely to see much difference. But if you visit, you'll see that I created a new landing page containing the highlights of the site.

With four books in two years and a bunch of other publications, finding one's way via the content on the left hand side of the blog was not easy. So I've put together a new page using Drupal's Panels module.

But that's not all: I am going to differentiate between my blog and more rapid-fire Tumblelog-like posts, again done in Drupal.

So, some links:

The index view of my blog content will be at
The blog view of that content will be at

The Tumbleblog clone will be at

Content from both the tumblog clone and the original blog will be sent through the aggregator.

Let me know if you have any trouble and what you think.