After 6 (or is 11 or 13 or 16) Years

This month marks six years of on Drupal. I moved my Web site to its own domain, then in April 1998, after running a site on since 1995. I began a blog (I didn't even know that term when I started) on May 14, 2000. There must be something about this time of year, no doubt it's tied to the extra time and energy I get when the spring semester wraps up.

Drupal is powerful but intensely frustrating. It's Open Source software and while I'm immensely grateful, I'd be so happy to pay a couple of hundred a year to be rid of the headaches it gives me, but I've learned enough about it that I'm happy enough using it to run,,,, to name a few sites and I can't see transitioning away from Drupal anytime soon.

Learning the software allowed me to run the blog for the Networked Publics year at the Annenberg, in itself also a crucial transition period, allowing me to move more deeply into network culture.