10-10-10 IMAGE.ARCHITECTURE.NOW in Los Angeles

I will be moderating one of the panels at 10-10-10 IMAGE.ARCHITECTURE.NOW, at Woodbury University tomorrow, 9 October in Burbank. My panelists consist of Livia Corona, Frank Escher, Sharon Johnston, and Sze Tsung Leung. Neil Denari moderates the next panel which will include Iwan Baan, Miwon Kwon, Sylvia Lavin, and Linda Taalmann. The whole thing is moderated by Frances Anderton and a fabulous show accompanies.

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Livia Corona

Thanks for the introduction to the work of Livia Corona, I liked her work a lot. I am not so sure about Iwan Baan, his work lacks for me a clear critical edge. The well known aerial picture of Maltzan's ICA seems to reinforce the rather simplistic image put forward by both the institution and the architect of the institution as white oasis in a sea of dismal grey industry. Perhaps as a highly skilled producer of arresting images, Baan is not unlike Shulman. It seems that photographers like Corona and Sze Tsung Leung are doing something rather different.